Where to Eat and Drink in Fishtown (2023)

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We don’t need to tell you that Fishtown is a foodie’s paradise. With so many top destinations for eating, drinking, and lounging, however, you may need a little guidance on the Fishtown restaurants. From world-class dining rooms to hipster dive bars, this neighborhood has something to offer for everyone in your group.

To get you started on your foodie excursion, we’ve created a road map of the best places to eat and drink in Fishtown.

Frankford Hall

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Embrace Philly’s German roots with a cold stein and a hearty bratwurst to soak up the suds. Frankford Hall–a German-style, open-air beer garden–is the perfect spot for happy hour, complete with picnic tables and all the Old World charm you can handle. Location: 1210 Frankford Ave.

Kensington Quarters

Originally a butcher bar, this Fishtown favorite had shifted its focus to sustainable, coastal cuisine with raw bar offerings. Kensington Quarters boasts its status as one of the original farm-to-table missions in the Fishtown neighborhood. If its gourmet entrees weren’t enough, the restaurant’s chef, Matt Harper, also offers private butcher classes. Location: 1310 Frankford Ave.


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Going head to head with James Beard Award winning Zahav, Suraya has gained the reputation of one of city’s best and one of the best restaurants in Fishtown. Suraya infuses its open concept dining room with traditional Middle Eastern flair, offering complex but inviting flavor profiles that will keep you coming back. We love it at dinner, but Suraya also offers one of the best brunches in the city. Location: 1528 Frankford Ave.

Wm Mulherin’s Sons

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Born from the ashes of an abandoned 100-year-old whiskey blending and bottling facility, this building on the corner of Front and Master been converted into a restaurant and boutique hotel in 2016. For a sophisticated night out, enjoy an expertly crafted cocktail on a crushed velvet loveseat by the glow of Wm Mulherin’s indoor fireplace. Location: 1355 N Front St.

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Kalaya Thai Kitchen

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Chef Nok Suntaranon’s traditional Thai dishes are executed with exacting precision and unexpected creativity. Her inventive dumplings are signatures that have helped earn the restaurant numerous national accolades, and the fiery curries are spicy and sublime.

One of our favorite items on the menu is the river prawn. The large platter is prepared tableside with a mix of the succulent prawn meat, fried shallots, garlic, peanuts, jasmine rice, and sauces. We dare you not to eat every bite.

They are open for evening service and weekend lunch. A table at Kalaya is highly sought after, so plan several weeks ahead if you’re hoping for a prime time weekend reservation. Location: 4 W. Palmer St.


Another great BYOB spot in Fishtown, Ekta serves big portions of delicious Indian cuisine. With the option for family-style dining, this place works especially well for big groups. Go with the biryani and the spicy shrimp curry. Location: 1142 Crease St.

Pizzeria Beddia

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Before its current Fishtown location, Pizzeria Beddia was a no phone, open-till-sold-out operation. Joe Beddia has converted his one-man-show into an electric dining room with a horseshoe bar, long farm tables, and the pizza that gave him his name. Location: 1313 N Lee St. If you are interested, read our Pizzeria Beddia review.

Johnny Brenda’s

Johnny Brenda’s is one of the only music venues that you might actually go to for the food/drink menu first and the music second. It has awesome veggie burgers and a killer brunch. Location: 1201 Frankford Ave.

Middle Child Clubhouse

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Underneath the Market-Frankford El, Middle Child Clubhouse is the type pf place you want to hang out all day. It’s casual with lots of space to relax, the bartenders are friendly, and there’s even a pool table to enjoy.

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Beyond the ambiance, Middle Child Clubhouse is one of the best places for sandwiches in the city. Their breakfast sandwiches with fluffy eggs are legendary, and house-smoked pastrami draws rave reviews. In the summer, diners (myself included) come in droves when the BLTs with local heirloom tomatoes are featured.

At dinner, the menu is eclectic featuring everything from oysters to latkes served with unagi. The brick chicken and the cheeseburger are always homeruns. Plus, plenty of gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan choices are available all day. Location: 1232 N. Front St.

Pizza Brain

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Pizza Brain is up there with the best, offering giant slices, thin crust, and a museum of pizza memorabilia. Come for the quirky interior, stay for the pizza with unusual ingredient combinations. Location: 2313 Frankford Ave.

Cheu Fishtown

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With a bright, airy interior, Cheu invites guests to indulge in their ramen, rice bowls, and dumplings. Set in a former horse stable with muraled walls and a vibrant red bar, Cheu embraces the spirit of Asian fusion and cart-style street food. We’re partial to the fried chicken Pacman buns and the miso ramen with pork shoulder. Location: 1416 Frankford Ave.

Elwood Restaurant

Who knew Pennsylvanian cuisine was a thing? Elwood’s chef, Adam Diltz, that’s who. Diltz takes home cooked meals to a new level, presenting regional family recipes in an elevated dining atmosphere. Location: 1007 Frankford Ave.

La Colombe

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The now-widespread coffee distributor La Colombe has made a home for its devotees at its flagship location in Fishtown. With no WiFi available, unplug and enjoy a draft latte in this brewery-esque setting, distinguished by its brick walls, high ceilings, and long family-style tables. Location: 1335 Frankford Ave.


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The brainchild of pastry chef Jen Weckerle, Weckerly’s Ice Cream has offered craft, locally sourced ice cream to the people of Fishtown since 2012. With so many out-there, rotating flavors as well as non-dairy options, Weckerly’s hits Philly’s sweet spot. Location: 9 W Girard Ave.

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Philly Style Bagels

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Made fresh daily, Philly Style Bagels take a bath in beer before heading into the oven for a unique malted flavor. Pair a Lox #1 with an Elixir coffee to start your day off right. Location: 1451 E Columbia Ave.

Front Street Café

Cleanse yourself from the night before with one of Front Street Café’s signature smoothies or opt for the hair of the dog in Bloody Mary form. Front Street touts healthy, sustainable, but soul-satisfying meals that will make you feel good when you finish. Take a stab at the breakfast tacos if you can make it in for brunch. Location: 1523 N Front St.


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Stephen Starr’s newest contribution to the Philadelphia dining scene, LMNO is a Mexican-themed restaurant with a massive dining room, patio, and music listening lounge. There’s even a bookshop and art gallery to browse once you’ve finished your tacos and margaritas.

The Baja-inspired menu includes aguachiles (like shrimp ceviche), tostadas, and “dirty” tacos with perfectly crispy melted cheese. The larger dishes are designed to share and feature several make-your-own tacos options, including lobster tails and an adobo lamb shank. Location: 1749 N Front St.

Joe’s Steaks + Soda Shop

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Its nostalgic décor and affordable, tasty food make Joe’s Steaks + Shake Shop a popular choice in Fishtown. As the name says, Joe’s is most known for its cheesesteaks stuffed full of prime ribeye on a hard roll. Add in whiz and onions, and you can’t beat it.

But there’s more to Joe’s than cheesesteaks. Other top dishes include burgers, the hot sausage, and numerous milkshakes and sundaes. They’re open daily and you can get something delicious until midnight on Friday and Saturday. Location: 1 W. Girard Avenue

Fishtown Social

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One of the most laid-back bars in the neighborhood, Fishtown Social focuses on organic, biodynamic, and natural wines. The featured offerings at the bar change regularly and often highlight lesser-known wine regions and varietals. There is a wine shop in the back to explore more options.

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In addition to wine, Fishtown Social offers a full bar, and there are charcuterie boards and snacks to share. They regularly offer a $10 bottle of wine on draft with proceeds going to a charity. Location: 1525 Frankford Ave.

R&D Cocktail Bar

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R&D is a Mediterranean wine bar turned speakeasy. Once the owners decided to take their creation in another direction, they brought on the originator of Suraya’s cocktail menu to reboot their image. What resulted was a Prohibition-era cocktail menu and a dimly lit bar to match that is the among the best bars in Fishtown. The Milk Punch is a best-seller. Location: 1206 Frankford Ave.

Murph’s Bar

If you’re hesitant to eat an authentic Italian meal at a place that sounds like an Irish pub… don’t be. Italian-born chef Francesco Bellastelli rents the kitchen from the bar owner and runs the place as a cash-only establishment. Murph’s tight corners and cult-following may leave you waiting for a table, but the fresh pasta and umami of each homemade sauce make it all worth it. Location: 202 E Girard Ave.

Philadelphia Distilling

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Philadelphia Distilling is internationally renowned for its premium spirits, shipping products all over the world. The first craft distillery in Pennsylvania since prohibition, Philadelphia Distilling was founded in 2005. Visitors are welcomed to enjoy a custom cocktail at the marble-topped bar or learn more about the facility’s history on a guided tour.Location: 25 E Allen St.

El Bar

Sometimes the night calls for a Citywide (beer and shot combo) and some hipster people-watching. Grab a barstool and take in the dive bar vibes of El Bar. From the funky murals on the exterior to the eclectic clientele, you won’t leave this joint without a story or two. Location: 1356 N Front St.

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