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Today we’re offering up our honest feedback on the Rapsodo MLM, one of the most popular launch monitors under $500. In this Rapsodo Golf Review we’ll go over the good, bad, and everything in between! Here are some links in case you want to skip to specific sections:

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Overall Verdict

Is Rapsodo MLM Accurate?

Summary: Very impressive accuracy for the price with outdoor mode producing slightly better results than indoor mode.

MLM uses a combination of camera and radar technology to analyze the initial launch of the ball and calculate trajectory and distance. In our testing, Rapsodo was very accurate. On shots inside 100 yards the Rapsodo launch monitor is amazing. Almost always spot on or within a couple of yards of the actual shot both indoors and outdoors.

As you go up in distance, we found the data descrepencies to be a bit more apparent - but still very close! Where we saw the most inaccuracy was with the driver and woods. Most drives are within about 5-10 yards of what you'd expect. But every 5th drive or so it can spit out a number that leaves you scratching your head a bit!

(Video) Rapsodo Golf Mobile Launch Monitor - Is it Actually Accurate?

However, for a unit that only costs $500, the accuracy is impressive.

Slightly better results outdoors than indoors

We found that the Rapsodo MLM does slightly better in outdoor mode than in indoor net mode - mostly with shots over 100 yards. And this isn't wildly uncommon, especially for a launch monitor that has a radar componment to it. Other radar based launch monitors like FlightScope and even Trackman, typically are more reliable outdoors.

Launch angle was the most inaccurate metric

When comparing the Rapsodo MLM side by side next to more expensive systems, the launch angle metric seemed to consistently show the most discrepancy. Sometimes being 3-4 degrees off - or around a 30% difference. We aren't totally sure why that would be. But that was somewhat of a trend.

Luckily, vertical launch angle is probably the least important metric that the Rapsodo launch monitor offers anyway. And the most important metrics - distance, ball speed, and club speed, seemed to be the most accurate.

Shot Direction

The MLM does not provide side spin data, but it does provide a shot tracer as well as a overhead view of your shot dispersion. While it would be nice if Rapsodo captured actual side spin, this is a nice comprimise given the price.

We found the shot direction or dispersion map to be very accurate on pushes and pulls, but under exaggerate or totally miss large hooks and slices. This could be directly due to the fact that Rapsodo doesn't capture side spin. But we found that the hooks and slices we hit looked better on the shot dispersion than they were in real life. Which is nice for your ego, but probably not as nice for your game..

Overall, the accuracy of the Rapsodo launch monitor exceeds expectations. It's definitely one of the more accurate launch monitors for under $500. We'll give the MLM a 4.25/5 combined rating for indoor and outdoor accuracy. The only thing keeping it from a perfect 5/5 is it's less consistent results on the longer clubs as well as it's under estimation of large slices and hooks.

Our Verdict?

Indoor Accuracy: 4/5


Outdoor Accuracy: 4.5/5


Is Rapsodo MLM the best launch monitor under $500? (2)

Rapsodo MLM Review of Features

Summary: An impressive list of features for a launch monitor in the budget category.

The Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor has probably the most features of any launch monitor under $1000. Most budget launch monitors simply provide the numbers with little to nothing else. But the MLM gives you a ton more! Here are some of the great features it provides:

Shot Tracers
Is Rapsodo MLM the best launch monitor under $500? (3)
The MLM will display a tracer of your shot on each video replay

GPS Shot Map
Is Rapsodo MLM the best launch monitor under $500? (4)
Using your phone's GPS, see where all of your shots land on the course or range.

(Video) 8 Best Golf Launch Monitors in 2022 (FULL COMPARISON)

Smart Club Recognition
Is Rapsodo MLM the best launch monitor under $500? (5)
No need to manually enter your club. Simply show the club to the camera and your MLM will find the number on the club and adjust.

Club Gapping
Is Rapsodo MLM the best launch monitor under $500? (6)
The MLM will take your average shot data for each club and provide a distance map of your clubs.

Is Rapsodo MLM the best launch monitor under $500? (7)
Easiliy share shot data and video with coaches or friends

Overall, the Rapsodo may win over it's competition strictly due to it's features, as well as the app UI. The app is very modern and easy to navigate. The data charts and displays are really high quality and what you would expect out of a modern hi-tech app.

The best feature is probably the shot tracers. Being able to see a visual of your shot really is a big step up from the competition. No other launch monitor under $500 will give you any sense of shot direction or shape.

Many features are only available in outdoor mode

This may be the biggest disappointment for users wanting to setup Rapsodo in their garage or backyard. On Rapsodo's Indoor/Net Mode, shot tracers, auto club recognition, and the GPS shot map are disabled.

It's a big bummer, but...these features are not available in any mode on other launch monitors under $500. So Rapsodo still has that on their side.

Rapsodo Battery Life

The Rapsodo MLM's battery will last about 4 hours. However, since it connects to you iPhone (MLM is not yet compatible with Android), it also has an effect on your phones battery life. And kind of a big one!

Rapsodo can wear down your phone's battery pretty fast. Oftentimes by up to 50% over the course of an entire range session - sometimes more. So definitely something to keep an eye on if you are planning on using the Rapsodo for an extended period of time.

Rapsodo MLM's Premium Features - Are they worth it?

Rapsodo offers a "premium" subscription that gives you access to a few more key features. For $99/yr, or a little more than $8/mo, it provides:

  • Personalized Data Insights
  • Slow-motion video playback
  • Shot Apex Height
  • Cloud Storage for up to 10k videos
  • Coach Connect Online Golf Lessons

So Are These Premium Features Worth It?

For the beginner golfer, the personalized data insights can help you better understand shot data and the things you can glean from it. The Coach Connect access will also give you some helpful instructional videos. But for a more advanced golfer, I don't know if the subscription is a must have.

The slow-motion video is nice, but nothing you can't do on most modern phones. And the shot apex height is a fun data point to look at, but not neccessarily a very important one when it comes to game improvement.

(Video) Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor: Honest Review

The extra cloud storage may be the most useful feature. Since you only get 100 saved shots normally, which can add up quick over a few range sessions!

Is Rapsodo MLM the best launch monitor under $500? (9)

Our Verdict?

Features: 4.5/5


Data Offering

Summary: Provides about what you would expect for $500

The Rapsodo launch monitor doesn't provide much more or less data than it's competition. Here are the metrics Rapsodo measures:

  • Distance (measured as carry distance)
  • Ball Speed
  • Club Speed
  • Launch angle (verticaly)
  • Launch direction (horizontally)
  • Smash Factor

You get launch direction but lose ball spin

The biggest competitor to the Rapsodo MLM is the FlightScope Mevo. The only notable difference in data points offered are the swap out of launch direction for spin rate. With the mevo, and Ernest Sports ESB1, you get ball spin rate, but no launch direction. As opposed to the Rapsodo MLM, which provides launch direction but no spin rate.

Personally, I think I'd rather have launch direction than spin rate. That way I can see which direction my shots are headed when practicing at home in my garage or backyard. But that depends on what type of things you'd want to evaluate in your game. Others may be more concerned with quality of strike, which would make spin rate a better number to look at.

Is Rapsodo MLM the best launch monitor under $500? (10)

Data is "Normalized"

One important thing to note about the MLM, is that the data is "normalized". The MLM does not take wind, weather, slope, or elevation into consideration. It assumes you are using a premium ball at 70 degrees with no humidity and assumes you are at sea level.

This is a HUGE thing to understand. As your playing conditions can have a big impact on the numbers you see in real life. For example, if you are playing on a sunny 80 degree day in Denver, the MLM may show distances much shorter than what you are typically accustom to since the elevation in Denver is about a mile high?

Launch monitors such as the SkyTrak or Mevo+ will allow you to set these settings to match where you live. Which is a very important feature.

Compared to other $500 launch monitors, Rapsodo scores a 5/5 in the data category. But compared to more expensive units, we'll give it a 4 out of 5.

Our Verdict?


Data: 4/5


Rapsodo MLM Compared to More Expensive Launch Monitors

We've tested a lot of different launch monitors here at Rain or Shine Golf. So we feel that we have a pretty good understanding of how they all stack up.

With any "budget launch monitor", you'll miss out on a few things. Here are the main things you miss out on compared to the more expensive launch monitors:

    • Extensive Ball and Club Data

More expensive units will give you much more data than the MLM. The $2,000 units like SkyTrak and Mevo+ will provide around 10-15 additional data points including side spin, carry and total distance, spin axis, and more.

    • Video Analysis

While the MLM does provide video playback, some systems provide more video analysis features and allow you to draw lines, swing planes, etc.

    • Golf Simulation

One of the biggest upsides to more expensive units like SkyTrak, is that they can also be used for golf simulation. You can play real courses like Augusta or Pebble Beach!

    • More game/challenge modes

Many of the more expensive units will provide different skills competitions, or contests like long drive or closest to the pin.

The overall theme when comparing the Rapsodo to more expensive launch monitors is that you simply get a little less in each category. You get less shot data, less video features, less game modes, etc.

For many, however, the Rapsodo MLM provides more than enough! It's a great beginner launch monitor for the mid to high handicapper looking to improve their game and have some fun while doing it.

Is Rapsodo MLM the best launch monitor under $500? (11)


Overall, the Rapsodo MLM launch monitor is a really awesome launch monitor for under $500. It's got a ton of great reviews in the industry and we can see why!

It's easy to use, accurate, and provides a ton of cool features. The biggest downside is that you lose some of it's great features when using in Net Mode. And it can be slightly less accurate with longer clubs. But for the money, it's one of the best systems you can buy!

Here is our quick breakdown on the MLM:

Rapsodo MLM is for you if you're looking for some basic feedback on your swing - especially when practicing at home. You'll be able to see your distances and shot direction even indoors when you can't make it out to the range.

If you're looking for more in depth shot analysis, as well as golf simulation capabilities, then check out either the FlightScope Mevo+ or SkyTrak.


Which is better Rapsodo or the flight scope? ›

The bottom line is that both of these devices are accurate enough for any golfer. But the ease of use of the Flightscope Mevo is what puts it ahead of the Rapsodo MLM. Both are great for improving your swing but if you want a more advanced experience, we would go with the Rapsodo MLM.

How reliable is Rapsodo? ›

In our testing, Rapsodo was very accurate. On shots inside 100 yards the Rapsodo launch monitor is amazing. Almost always spot on or within a couple of yards of the actual shot both indoors and outdoors.

Is Rapsodo Launch Monitor worth it? ›

Compared to the Trackman, it is a great bargain. Comparing the Rapsodo to other launch monitors at a similar price, like the Flightscope Mevo and the Garmin G80, it was close. But the MLM has more features I thought I may use. I think what sold me at first was the shot tracer and video technology.

What data does Rapsodo give you? ›

The Rapsodo Launch Monitor is an incredible piece of technology. It provides excellent video feedback with the launch tracer of your shot. It provides clear data on distance, clubhead speed, ball speed, and launch angle for each shot.

Can you use Rapsodo without subscription? ›

Can I use my Rapsodo technology without a Team Membership? No, a Team Membership is required to activate your Rapsodo technology.

What launch monitor does good good use? ›

ProductClub SpeedLaunch Angle
Bushnell Launch Pro Check PriceYESYES
Ernest ESB1 Check PriceYESYES
Flightscope Mevo Plus Check PriceYESYES
Flightscope Mevo Check PriceYESYES
10 more rows
25 Aug 2022

Is Trackman or Rapsodo better? ›

Unlike Rapsodo, a Trackman set up behind home plate can gather info on both the pitch and any balls hit as well (if it's a live BP, for example). For a hitter, it can show exit speed, launch angle, ball flight distance and spin rate. Why Is It Used: Many of the uses are similar to the reasons why Rapsodos are used.

Do MLB teams use Rapsodo? ›

Rapsodo, the ball flight tracking tech company, has launched its first solution for live, in-game baseball and softball data and announced that it will be the exclusive provider of such data for the American Association of Professional Baseball, an MLB partner league, for three years.

Does the MLB use Rapsodo? ›

Rapsodo entered into the baseball and softball markets in 2016 at a key time for the sports. MLB at that time began equipping the stadiums of its 30 teams with its StatCast system, which uses cameras and radar technology to collect data.

Does Rapsodo need wifi? ›

Yes – In the app, INSIGHT always needs to connect before the ground unit. This can be done by selecting the top wifi icon in the tool bar first.

How long does Rapsodo battery last? ›

How long does the battery last once fully charged and how long does it take to charge? The battery will last approximately 4 hours on full charge, and takes approximately 2 hours to charge from 0-100%.

Do I need to calibrate Rapsodo? ›

Do I have to manually calibrate the MLM? No. Your phone is default to auto calibration upon opening the MLM app. Simply open the app, connect your device via bluetooth, and start hitting!

Is a launch monitor worth it? ›

A launch monitor is one of the most valuable assets that any golfer can have for their personal and home use. It's the core of most golf simulators, and it allows you to measure ball flight data and track your shots so that you can understand where your game is and where it needs to go.

What are good Rapsodo numbers? ›

The MLB average BU for a fastball is 23.5 – 25.5. A low BU might mean that a pitcher could have success working middle to down in the zone, while a high BU might mean that pitcher could have success middle to up in the zone.

Can Rapsodo be used as a simulator? ›

You can use the Rapsodo R Motion indoors and outdoors. It has a golf range simulator mode as well. There is also a mode for foursome play.

Can Rapsodo MLM be used indoors? ›

And it accomplishes that at a fraction of their price tag. Once an outdoor product only, it now can be used indoors with the required dimensions (six feet between golf ball and the unit and eight feet of flight required). An Android version continues to inch closer to completion.

Does Rapsodo show spin? ›

Spin rate in the Rapsodo Hitting app can be viewed directly to the right of exit speed, given as total spin. This spin number is supplemented by a visual representation of the ball spinning along a given spin axis.

Can you connect Rapsodo to TV? ›

Secondly, users can connect an HDMI cord directly to the iPad with a lightning to HDMI converter. This will create a direct connection between the iPad and TV. When connecting to a TV it is common to experience a slight lag in processing time for Rapsodo.

What launch monitor does Topgolf use? ›

SAN DIEGO, July 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Foresight Sports, the leading developer of professional-grade launch monitors and a Vista Outdoor Inc. (NYSE: VSTO) brand, has become the official launch monitor partner of Callaway Golf and Topgolf Entertainment Group.

What launch monitor does PGA Superstore use? ›

Garmin Approach R10 Portable Launch Monitor | PGA TOUR Superstore.

Which launch monitors show club path? ›

Garmin Approach R10 Launch Monitor

Metrics such as club speed, ball speed, smash factor, ball spin, club path and club face angle provide a clear picture of how you strike the ball and are great data points to help you improve your swing or get an idea of how far you hit each club in the bag.

What is a good spin rate on Rapsodo? ›

It is important to keep the spin efficiency of this pitch in the 45-65% range. If thrown above this range, the ball can flatten out and can lose some depth and cut; a cutter thrown below this range blends in to slider territory, causing it to lose spin-induced break and become more of a cement mixer.

How accurate is Rapsodo pitching velocity? ›

In tracking 10 fastballs by both the radar gun and Rapsodo unit, the Rapsodo unit came in 0.1 percent higher than the radar gun. On 10 sliders, Rapsodo came in 0.3 percent lower than the radar gun. In both cases, it was very accurate.

Can you play games on Rapsodo? ›

If you have a Rapsodo Team Membership and own a PRO 3.0 or HITTING 2.0, you can login to your Rapsodo Cloud account to purchase Game Mode at a prorated price. After purchase, Game Mode is ready to set up inside the Rapsodo Diamond App.

How far do you set up Rapsodo? ›

The MLM should be level with your ball and 6-8 feet directly behind your ball, aimed down your target line. The golfer and the ball should both be visible on the screen. The MLM needs to see ball flight, so shots hit across your body may not be visible for the MLM to pick up.

Is Rapsodo waterproof? ›

Rapsodo MLM Setup:

Minimum Requirements for Outdoor Use: iPhone 6s and up, iPad 2017 onward models Recommended: iPhone 7 and up, iPad 2019 onward models (1080p capable front camera). NOT waterproof: Do not use it in the rain, it will damage the hardware.

Does Rapsodo save video? ›

With the standard MLM purchase of just the device, you're supposed to get 100 saved videos within the app, so it will keep the video of your 100 most recent shots which you can review in the app. This is how it looks when you export a clip from the Rapsodo Launch Monitor.

Does wind affect launch monitor? ›

The photometric launch monitors are fantastic tools for looking at your golf game when the wind is really up or if you're inside. Due to the way that they work, weather doesn't have any effect on them and the ball only needs to travel a few centimetres in order to get the data that is needed.

Do foam balls work with launch monitors? ›

Yes, SkyTrak launch monitors do work with foam balls, but there are real limitations to the data that some monitors can produce. Foam balls are a great way to have a fun and safe golf simulator session, including with kids. They also allow you to minimise noise and test your simulator before completion.

What is Tiger Woods launch monitor? ›

If you've ever wanted to know what launch monitor Tiger Woods uses, look no further than the Full Swing KIT, an advanced radar-based launch monitor built at Woods' request and according to his standards. Unveiled in 2021, the KIT is designed with high processing power, high accuracy, and affordability in mind.

What is a good vertical movement on a fastball? ›

These pitches should have much lower vertical break (10-13”) and higher horizontal break (18”) than four-seam fastballs. Heavier pitches (i.e. low spin rate and/or spin efficiency) will have vertical break measurements even lower than those benchmarks.

What is a good spin efficiency for a fastball? ›

In order to achieve this without the pitch acting more like a sidespin slider, spin efficiency needs to be kept at least between 65-75% (MLB average ≈ 68%) while also being thrown with an 8:00-9:00 spin direction.

What is the difference between HitTrax and Rapsodo? ›

As well, the HitTrax is not built to be portable, but instead, set up in a cage. It also does not work outdoors like the Rapsodo. For the real ball flight geeks out there, we note, HitTrax does not measure ball spin. Instead, it just measures ball exit speed and trajectory.

How accurate is FlightScope? ›

I used a range finder to verify the carry distance as measured by the Mevo and found it very accurate with no more than a yard or two error across all four wedges. Since I have not used a launch monitor before to any great extent I don't really have a way to evaluate the accuracy of the other measured parameters.

What is better FlightScope vs Trackman? ›

In terms of the difference, Trackman is better than Flightscope because it contains the latest software, is good in terms of accuracy, and has more games. Moreover, Trackman is very easy to set up compared to Flightscope. Golfers can play over 100 courses in Trackman and that is not available in Flightscope.

Can Rapsodo be used as simulator? ›

You can use the Rapsodo R Motion indoors and outdoors. It has a golf range simulator mode as well. There is also a mode for foursome play.

What is better SkyTrak or FlightScope? ›

SkyTrak vs Flightscope Xi+ - Conclusion

SkyTrak and the FlightScope Xi+ have very comparable features, data, and accuracy. But SkyTrak is less than half the price and provides much better golf simulation capabilities.

Is TrackMan the most accurate? ›

First off, it is extremely accurate. The Trackman 4 has one of the best radar systems on the market. Second, it also has multiple uses, as it can read anything that is moving through it's path. Trackman uses a dual doppler system to help it read both the ball and club as they come through impact.

How much is the cheapest TrackMan? ›

SkyTrak vs Trackman - Price

Trackman starts at $18,995. If you want to use Trackman outdoors the price jumps to $24,995.

How much does a full TrackMan simulator cost? ›

How much does a Trackman simulator cost? Prices for a Trackman golf simulator start at $21,000 and go up to $100,000 once you add software and enclosures. The starting price for a model you can use outside is ~$25,000.

How much does a full TrackMan cost? ›

The TrackMan is also one of the most expensive golf ball simulators on the market. The newest model, the TrackMan 4, has an initial price of $22,000. These golf ball simulators have so much technology and capabilities within them, and that comes with a steep price tag.

How accurate is Rapsodo MLM? ›

Rapsodo itself says that the MLM's distance accuracy is within 2% of TrackMan. With that said, it's important that the MLM is set up correctly and has sufficient ambient lighting to work with; otherwise, you may have issues.


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