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Why Work with a Cyber Security Staffing Agency?

The cyber security industry continues to grow as the demand increases for information security solutions to protect companies and big data from hackers. Corporate security needs require cybersecurity architects and other specialized professionals to develop a security program and information security architecture to stay ahead of growing vulnerability trends, assist with disaster recovery and risk management operations, maintain compliance, ensure network and information security, and protect information systems from cyber attacks and unauthorized individuals attempting to gain access to sensitive information.

Whether you’re an employer or a job seeker in the public or private sector, there are many benefits to working with a cyber security staffing agency. For an employer, sourcing new talent can be a long and costly process, taking valuable time away from your managers or HR staff. Working with cybersecurity recruiters puts a hiring professional on your team, giving you the full support of their expertise and professional network, and easing the burden on you and your employees so you can get back to business. Staffing agencies are industry experts in the current labor market and are constantly finding new people, giving clients access to a larger pool of candidates. We have extensive experience sourcing and screening professionals to identify top talent-- it's what we do!

Our cybersecurity recruiters sift through large pools of resumes on multiple job boards to identify a short list of qualified candidates who are a match for your team culture and position requirements. For temporary projects or contract-to-hire roles, redShift takes all employer responsibilities, including onboarding, payroll, taxes, insurance, etc. This allows our clients to easily and painlessly add to and reduce their workforce to meet fluctuating staffing needs.

If you're seeking work in the cyber security industry, recruiters can be a bridge connecting you with hard-to-reach local hiring managers and information security leaders. Our services are free for job seekers, so there's no risk, whether you're actively or passively looking. Put simply, we're one more person in your court during your employment search, but, unlike your friend who "might know someone," we have direct connections to active employers and decades of industry knowledge. Our success depends on your success!

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Staffing Services

Permanent Placement/Direct Hire Jobs

Direct hire employees are employed by the hiring company. Cybersecurity recruiters ease the traditional process by doing the legwork of sourcing candidates and coordinating interviews and offer negotiations. All you have to do is choose the candidate that's right for your team!

Contract Jobs

Need some extra hands for cybersecurity projects? Ready to develop a corporate security program or looking for specialized talent to help with risk management, cloud computing, digital forensics, network security, machine learning, compliance, and more? Contract information security staffing saves time and money on HR functions and allows clients to easily add and cut staff as business needs require. For contractors, it's a great opportunity to gain experience and build skills that will further your career goals in the cybersecurity market without making a firm commitment. Contract roles can even sometimes convert into permanent positions.

Temporary-to-Hire Jobs

Hiring the wrong candidate is costly, wasting time, money, and resources on someone who lacks the ability to be successful in the role or who quits after you've invested weeks of training in them. If you want to make sure a candidate will be a good fit before hiring, or if you are an employee wanting to try something new while keeping your options open, temp-to-hire may be the best route. These roles give both parties an opportunity to test the waters before making a commitment.

Temporary Jobs

Temporary roles are great options for businesses whose staffing needs vary regularly or for individuals looking to get started in a new industry or gain experience and business connections. Temporary employees are redShift employees, which means we handle everything from onboarding to payroll and taxes.

Executive Search

Staffing at the executive level can be a challenge. An executive search firm specializing in cybersecurity and other IT management and executive positions can do the hard work for you, whether you're looking for a managing director or a chief security officer. We find the best cybersecurity executives so you can focus on choosing the individual who will be the best fit for your team.

Remote Positions

Remote work options are becoming more popular, allowing cybersecurity specialists and organizations to expand their search beyond their local area.

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Recruitment Process

Candidate Database & Other Resources

We source the top cyber security professionals from a large pool of local as well as remote job seekers, creating a database of active and passive candidates interested in making a move in their careers. This allows our cybersecurity recruiters to quickly identify and contact potential candidates to fill open positions ranging from chief information security officer and information security leadership positions to network security engineer professionals, security infrastructure developers, and more.

Job Boards

In addition to our existing candidate database and connections, we also scour local and national job boards for cybersecurity specialists looking for new career opportunities.

Phone Interviews and In-Person Interviews

All redShift candidates are interviewed by a trained recruiter over the phone, virtually, or in person. Recruiters are well versed in the right questions to ask to understand candidates' experience and career goals, identifying the best matches for open positions.

Reference Checks

redShift checks professional references for all permanent and temporary positions. Understanding the prior work experience of potential employees is important to verify they possess the skills needed to succeed in their next position.

Hiring Process

Once employers are ready to make an offer, direct hire employees follow the onboarding procedures of the hiring company. redShift assists with offer negotiations for potential employees and can coordinate any other pre-hire paperwork requirements. Professionals working in temporary, contract, and temp-to-hire roles are redShift employees, which means we handle all aspects of employment, including coordinating start and end dates, taxes, workers' comp, insurance requirements, etc.

Cyber Security Job Titles

Cybersecurity jobs use technology, processes, and preventative maintenance of computer systems & computer networks to protect data from security breaches, unauthorized access, and cyber attacks. Common cybersecurity titles are:

  • Information Security Analyst

  • Security Engineer

  • Penetration Tester

  • Security Architect

  • Network Security Engineer


  • Information Security Manager

  • Information Security Officer

  • Security Administrator

  • Information Assurance Analyst

  • Information Assurance Engineer

  • Computer Forensics Analyst

  • Director Information Security

  • Threat Analyst

  • Security Researcher

  • Business Continuity Manager

  • Security Incident Response Engineer

  • Malware Analyst

  • Information Assurance Officer

  • Information Assurance Manager

  • Business Continuity Analyst

  • Intrusion Analyst

  • Cryptographer

  • Cybersecurity Jobs

  • Network Security Jobs

  • Information Assurance Jobs

  • Business Continuity Jobs

  • Threat Jobs

  • Computer Forensics Jobs

FAQs About Cyber Security Recruiters

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What Does a Cybersecurity Staffing Agency Do?

Staffing agencies smooth the hiring process for all parties by bringing together businesses with hiring needs and information security professionals seeking new opportunities. The best staffing agencies utilize extensive industry knowledge and experience to source candidates, interview, and present top-quality job seekers to hiring managers with active, open roles. Cybersecurity search firms specialize in identifying cybersecurity talent to support companies in meeting their business and information security goals. They review resumes, screen candidates, coordinate interviews, and assist in offer letter negotiations, as well as manage the responsibilities of a human resources department for contract and temporary cybersecurity roles.

Is It Good to Use Cybersecurity Recruiters to Find a Job?

A common misconception about general staffing agencies is that they only work with temporary roles in industries like manufacturing. On the contrary, many staffing agencies work with some of the most well-known organizations in the country in a wide range of industries. For those looking for entry-level cybersecurity, cybersecurity search firms can help you get your foot in the door with a great company. For experienced professionals, cybersecurity search firms can connect you with multiple hiring companies, promoting your experience to hiring managers and assisting you in finding your next role. Don't discount temporary/temp-to-hire roles either. These are an excellent way to gain a new skill or explore opportunities while avoiding detrimental resume gaps.

How Are Cybersecurity Agencies Paid?

Staffing firms receive a commission for sourcing talent and coordinating the interview and hiring processes. This is usually a percentage of the placed candidate’s starting salary. Our services are free unless we fill your open positions, so there's no risk to trying staffing solutions. We only get paid to succeed, which means we are motivated to find outstanding, qualified talent to fill real, open positions. For cybersecurity professionals, we are your partner to help you find the best company to further your career in the cybersecurity industry, helping you negotiate the benefits you need and the compensation your skills and experience deserve. There is no fee for our services, nor is any fee deducted from your salary or paycheck.

Do Cybersecurity Professionals Have to Pay for Cybersecurity Staffing Agency Job Placement Services?

Job seekers never have to pay for staffing agency services. We are a free resource to provide career advice and help you connect with great opportunities that may not be posted or commonly known. Our industry experience and extensive networks can help you break out of the black hole of online application systems and get your resume in front of a hiring manager. Our service supports your job search at no cost to you.

Can Small Businesses Benefit from Using a Cybersecurity Staffing Agency?

There are many benefits to working with staffing firms for both large AND small businesses. Hiring is expensive, from advertising costs to the time it takes to review applicants' resumes, collect onboarding paperwork, and manage a variety of other HR tasks. Working with a staffing agency takes all of this off your plate, so you can get back to doing your job WITH the extra help your business needs.

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Industries We Staff

redShift Recruiting specializes in technology and provides staffing agency services for many industries including:

  • Information Technology Staffing

  • Developer Staffing

  • Engineering Staffing

  • Warehouse Staffing

  • Manufacturing Staffing

  • Light Industrial Staffing

  • Legal Staffing Agency

  • Logistics Staffing

  • Accounting Staffing

  • Administrative Staffing

  • Temporary Staffing

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